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When you think about traveling to the United State, you immediately think about the famous places there such as Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more.

The US feature numerous and diverse tourist attraction, however, certain states have become a more popular tourist destination than others. Are you probably wondering, What is The Most Visited State In The US?

California is the most visited state in the US. it drives more the 250 million visitors each year, and that is a huge number. the state’s also known as the state of celebrity culture in the US, and that is true, There you’ll find Hollywood, after all!

This city is the home to various vibrant cities, amusement parks, famous beaches, and natural wonders. made this state one of the best places to visit, not just in the US but all around the world.

The two famous cities Los Angeles and San Francisco have the most popular recognizable tourist spots in the country. Such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Disneyland.

And some great outdoor places and parks, Like Yosemite National Park, and Lake Tahoe, which is the best place for hiking, boating, and skiing. are also significant tourist destinations.

Here is some of the best places in California you shouldn’t miss while you there!

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Located in California’s Sierra Nevada, and covering an area of 748,436 acres. The Yosemite National Park is a masterpiece created by Mother Nature, he drives about 4 million visitors every year. He is surrounded by sheer granitic cliffs that were carved by glaciers millions of years ago. The park was discovered in 1860.

The yosemite falls is known as the fifth highest waterfall in the world with 2,425 from top to bottom. The water that fall comes from snowmelt in top of the mountains.and the falls are at their most spectacular in May and June.

This park also has so many tranquil lakes, soaring sequoias, which make it a hotspot for backpacking, birding, fishing, and hiking or rock climbing.

Yet every area of the park is gorgeous, from it’s expansive meadows and crystal-clear streams, to the giant sequoia tree groves. The park has more than 400 different animal species.

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best cities in the US, it is a fun and exciting city in northern california. The city is surrounded by the pacific Ocean, and it’s known for its eclectic culture and surreal beauty.

The Golden Gate Bridge considered as the number one attraction in the city. tourists come from all around the world to drive, or bike ride or walk across this famous suspension bridge, to admire the stunning views. The tourists can also visit Lombard Street, which is famous for its tight curves.

 Or take a trip and live the Asia life in San Francisco Chinatown section. And then, there are the other big tourist favorites like Fisherman’s Wharf, and the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island, for you to visit.

Today, San Francisco is California most sophisticated city, a place to enjoy world-class opera and theater. The city has plenty of diffrent top-rated restaurant offering a wide range of global cuisine menus.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in southern California, and it is the second largest city in the USA with more than 500 square miles. The La-La land known also as the city of Angel is surrounded by the pacific Coast, mountains and valleys. The city has one of the unique sets of neighborhoods in the United States.

Los Angeles has some famous art galleries such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and architectural masterpieces like the Getty Center. also one of the best things that this city offer to tourists, is the filmmaking behind the scenes looks at studios like Paramount Pictures Studios. Or meeting up with celebrity on the street if you have enough luck.

And for families with kids, Disneyland is the best place for an unforgettable day. This famous amusement park is located in anaheim about 30 miles from Los Angeles. You will have so much fun with the different Disney-themed such as Mickey’s Toontown, Adventureland, and Fantasyland. Disneyland also has several hotels and award-winning restaurants.

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake tahoe is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. It’s straddles the state line between California and Nevada. The lake was formed about two million years ago. And it is known for the clarity of its water, and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides.

The South Lake Tahoe is the most popular part of the lake, with numerous restaurant and gambling opportunities in the Navasa town of stateline. During the summertime, Lake Tahoe has become a popular destination for hiking, mountain biking, and water sports.

It is a home winter sports, and summer outdoor recreation, and scenery enjoyed throughout the year.

Big Sur

Big Sur

Big Sur Is located between the caramel Hightlabs and San Simeon. he is one of the most popular places to visit in California, Travel to Big Sur Will give you a nature experience in all forms, from stunning beaches, to Climbing mountains. and take those amazing images that will stock forever in your mind.

Big Sur covers a large area it lines around 70 miles (110 km) of the California famous highway one, However it doesn’t have any official boundaries. 

The area is a magnet for travelers on road trips, who love breathing the fresh air of the redwood trees, and enjoy themselves in the nature.

The most popular time to visit the Big Sur is between April to October,  when the weather is nice, And the sky is clear.


Te 50 US states feature numerous and diverse tourist attractions. Each city has thousands of visitors every year. However, certain states have become more popular tourism destination. Like Los Angeles, Texas, New York and more.

If you have the chance to visit one state in the United State, then you should for California.

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What is The Most Visited State in The USA

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