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Thailand, The best place on earth that you can find everything you can possibly want, from perfect white sandy beaches with crystal water to incredible street foods and nightlife, Thailand has it all. It is one of those countries that has something for everyone.

Whether you want to travel Thailand to explore more of its amazing and rich cultural heritage, and see those old famous buildings, or to just visit your best island from its 8,000 islands and enjoy your summer vacation, Thailand has become one of the most visited destinations in Asia and all the world.

Because every country has its own culture and beliefs, you should know a little bit about Thailand to not get your trip ruined. That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the most important Travel tips that will make your Thailand Vacation easier.

Bring Your Insect Repellent


Diseases can surely be spread by some type of bugs like mosquitos, ticks, and even a few flies. We all know that Thailand has a very large number of all types of small mosquitoes, so the chances for you to get a bite is probably high, especially in some places.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring your insect repellent with you, also try your best to cover up with clothing while sleeping to avoid bites. In some natural places and hostels, you can find a ton of those mosquitoes, so beware of them.

Don’t Disrespect The King

One of the things that you can’t do in Thailand is to disrespect their King, Thailand people love their king so much, there are paintings of him all over the city, and all of them are framed in gold.

If you talk bad about him or do a bad joke or any sort of that, they can find you and they can even throw you in jail, and that’s the last thing you want. Be respectful, be nice and respect their king if you want to have a peaceful trip. 

Respect Business’s


If you do this in your country, people probably will look at you a weird look, some of them might even laugh at you. But in Thailand, the business wants you to take your shoes off before you enter, this means that you respect their business and you help them keep it clean and nice.

This is one of Thailand’s most common traditions you probably will see it everywhere, so instead of embarrassing yourself, if you see a couple of shoes in front of a business, just do the same, and show them that you’re a respectful person.

Restaurant Check

In the USA and most other countries, all restaurants give you your cheque the second you finish eating, but in Thailand, it’s totally different, you need to ask for it, just WAVE down the waiter and tell them that you need to go, bring me my cheque.

People stay a lot in Thailand restaurant because their nice and classy, that’s why sometimes the waiters can’t understand what do you really want by waving your hand, so they can be late for a couple of minutes, so it’s better to have some money in your hand and wave at them so they know that you want to pay.

No Need For Visa

In America, your Visa is very important just like your phone, But In Thailand, it’s not. When traveling to Thailand you don’t need to apply for a Visa Card. You will get one as soon as you arrive, as long as your passport is valid for at least 6-months and has 2 blank pages.

When arriving at the airport, you will get a free 30-day Visa card from one of the overland borders. And if you want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, just apply for a 60-day visa Card at any embassy before you enter the country.

The Weather

Thailand’s weather is changing all over a sudden, so if you see a beautiful morning sun, don’t be 100% that the day will stay like that until the night, rains and winds might come up. However, the rainfall only lasts for a few hours, so you get the chance to complete your lovely day.

The weather can also affect how much money you can spend in Thailand. Like if you’re planning to spend as little as possible, you should plan your trip between May and October. And if you don’t care too much about your spending, you probably should go in the summer dry season, when Thailand is full of all types of travelers from all around the world.

Your Cellphone Service


This is one of the common questions, should I buy a Thailand SIM Card or just use an international phone plan on your cell phone? Well, Almost any traveler will say the same thing, BUY A SIM CARD.  

There are two reasons why you should go with a SIM Card, One is that the SIM is way affordable and easy to use, Two by using this SIM card you will have a local number, so you can call everyone, like the hotel, restaurant, and other services.

The best and fastest way to buy a SIM Card is in the airport, you will find plenty of cell phone vendors waiting for tourists, they are nice and gentle, and they are more than happy to help you configure your phone and make your first call. 

Your best SIM plan is about $15 it has 10 days usage with 3G of data and X amount of minutes and X amount of messages. The international phone plan will cost about $10 a day. 

Exchange Rate

You definitely get your money exchange in Thailand and not in your country because you will have a higher exchange rate. You should know that $100 has a higher exchange rate than one’s and twenty’s. So if you trade a hundred dollar bills you will get more Thailand money then exchanging Twenty dollar bills. 

To maximize your money, It’s better to go to your bank before going to Thailand, pull up some new hundred dollar bills and then exchange them in Thailand.

Super Strict Thailand Drug Laws

Thailand’s drug laws are super strict for tourists as well as locals, be sure to not do anything that will cause you problems. Booze is everywhere, so if you’re looking for drinks, alcohol is served everywhere, just have a couple of chains better than taking some kind of drug or going to a random party that is full of drugs.

Avoid Drinking The Tap Water

Unless you are local, you can’t drink Thailand’s tap water, it’s not safe to drink. The best way is to fill up one liter or more from your hotel or use the water dispensers in the streets. The dispensers only cost a few baths, and you can fill up a full liter at a time.

Also, avoid eating all types of fruits that have been washed with Tap Water, people miss this and that’s why they get sick during their trip.

Don’t Miss The Street Food


If you visited Thailand and you didn’t eat the famous street foods, you missed out 50% of your trip. Thailand boasts some of the best and delicious street food in the world. The best thing is they only cost a couple of dollars to fill your plate with huge portions of Pha Thai, rise, mango, and Tom Yum Goon.

$3 for a full meal is what helps budget people enjoy their Thai travel? However, Thailand street food is at a different level of spicy! So play it safe and don’t buy from unsafe vendors.

Bring Your Sunscreen

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand in the summer season from April to June, a sunscreen is a lifesaver. Thailand’s tropical climate can be brutal, and it can cause visitors to get some bad sunburns. So make sure you apply your sunscreen (plenty of it).

For those who forget it, you can easily buy it from a local pharmacy at an affordable price, but be aware of scammers that sell it on the streets.

Always Have Your Identification

By law, Thailand tourists are required to carry a sort of form of identification on them all the time. It’s not necessarily mean that it has to be your passport, you might never get stopped and asked to see it, but just to stay out of trouble, always bring your identification with you.

Don’t you ever give your passport to those who rant the motorcycle, which is a common form of insurance, just give them a copy of your passport or even a license.

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Travel Tips For Your First Trip To Thailand

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