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Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world, thanks to its magnificent beaches, views, hotels, and attractions. It’s part of the Cycladic island group, and located 200 km southeast of Athens, 150 km south of Mykonos, and 140 km north of Crete.

Santorini’s most famous and popular towns are Fira and Oia, which offer some beautiful views of the Caldera, and allow you to take those unforgettable photos. 

Santorini has a land area of 76 square miles, with a population of 15,500. The island has a length of 16 km and a width from 1-5 km, and you can drive from one side to the other side of Santorini in just 45-50 min.

The flights to Santorini don’t take that long if you live in Europe. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Santorini from the USA, Canada, Australia.

Here in this post, you will find a list of some helpful travel tips if you’re planning to visit Santorini, which we think you should know before you take your flight. Plus you’ll find the best Santorini travel guide.

1. Rent a Moped Or ATV

The best way to see every single place in Santorini is by renting a Moped or ATV. You will have such an amazing time riding around and exploring the amazing places. 

The ATV has license plates on them, so there will be no low problems, just make sure you get a helmet or two to be safe while driving.

You can easily ride around from different little towns and cities on Santorini, and you can even go from Santorini’s end to end within an hour with these ATVs. Just make sure you get out and see the beautiful countryside of Santorini.

2. Don’t Stay In a Pricey Hotels In Oia Or Fira

The most popular towns in Santorini are Fira and Oia, and they have some very expensive hotels which is fine, but if you’re a budget person who wants to see the most with less money, Then you need to find some more budget yet beautiful place to stay.

Firostefani it’s a very quiet and beautiful town between Fira and Oia, the town has some very budget places that you can choose, plus it’s really close to Fira, about a 5-minute walk. 

Santorini cliffs

Firostefani is on the caldera side, Santorini is actually an ancient volcano caldera, it has on one side the scaping kind of cliffs and Firostefani overlooks that, so you can have breakfast overlooking the amazing caldera view.

3. Take a Boat Tour In Santorini

If you visit Santorini and you didn’t take a boat tour, you definitely missed more than 50 percent of Santorini’s beauty.

There is a boat tour company called SUNSET OIA, and they are one of the top sealing companies in Santorini. Each tour has between 20-30 people, which is very good for a boat trip.

The tours offer barbecue, and drinks on the whole trip for free, and it’s about 5 hours long. You will get the chance to swim in the hot springs of the volcano where the water is so warm. You’ll get the opportunity to swim in a different type of beaches, the white sand beach, the red sand beach, you can see the sunset up near Oia on the water.

The boat trip will be probably one of the more memorable things you did in Santorini. Just make sure you book that tour ahead of time because it’s not always guaranteed that they’ll have availability all the time.

4. Don’t Count Too Much On Wifi

The Wifi in Santorini is not that good at all, so if you’re planning to do some internet activities while in Santorini, just think again. You can barely upload something on Instagram or Twitter. Some parts of the island were better than others, but the Wifi in Fira, Oia, and Firostefani, is very bad.

Also if you want to connect with your family or friends back home via Whatsapp or other social media, it will not be that easy. That’s why most people tend to buy a SIM card to have a service that can connect them with their families the fast way.

For safety, you always need to buy a SIM card and give the number to those who travel with you (at least one SIM card), so if there’s an emergency you will have a backup that could help to solve the problem.

5. Cash Vs Credit Cards

This is one of the most important questions that most people ask before going to any place in the world. Should I pay by cash or credit cards?

Santorini is a very popular destination, a lot of people going there for holidays and vacations. So, most restaurants and all other things accept cards (some do not). Just know that any of the major boat tours, big restaurants, fancy hotels, will accept cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc).

Some small shops and restaurants may not accept cards, that’s why it’s always better to have some cash on you in case you face an issue.

6. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

When talking about Santorini, we talk about islands, beaches, and clear sunny blue sky. Sunscreen is very very expensive in Santorini, it’s about 20 Euros a bottle, which means it’s about 23-24 US dollars. 

That’s why you should definitely bring your own sunscreen and pack it obviously in your checked luggage so that you can bring big containers.

They definitely sell it there, so it’s not like there won’t be any, you can go to any pharmacy there and you get the sunscreen. However, I highly recommend bringing your own from your home.

7. Download The App City Maps 2 Go

This amazing app is obviously applicable and useful in all of your trips not just in Santorini. I highly recommend downloading it. 

Basically you can access maps of the city or country or wherever you are, and download those to your phone and access them when you’re offline. So when you have no service, no Wifi you can access those maps and you can star places that you want to go to in them, and it’ll still track you offline, a LIFE-saver    

You always want to mark your hotel room or where you stay, in case you get lost you know how to get back.

Download for Android

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Santorini Best Travel Tips – The Complete Santorini Travel Guide

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