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As everyone knows, Europe is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Millions of people go to Europe each year. And it is considered one of the top destinations for couples, and families. But travel to Europe can be a little bit more expensive than it looks. Yet a lot of you wondering how much does a 2 week trip to Europe cost? 

The average amount of money you should expect to spend to travel to Europe for Two Weeks is between $3,000 USD to $4,000 USD. which means you need about $200 USD per day. That looks expensive I know, But the flight takes almost 50% of your money, so if you take off the flight price, then it will be about $130 USD per day, which is still too much for some people, but at least it’s better than $200 USD a day.

1 Euro = 1.13 USD Just check the to know the exact conversion for your country.

Things To Consider When Traveling To Europe

The time that you choose to travel to Europe, will affect how much you will spend on that trip. If you travel in high seasons like December, June, August, you will spend more money on everything like flights, accommodations, attractions, transportation, and even food.

So to save up some extra money, try to travel in some law seasons such as November to March, or travel in shoulder seasons when the weather is good and the sky is clear, like April and September.

NOTE: All of this is just estimated amounts. You can spend a lot less (or more) than that. You can eat food at cheap prices in the streets. Or find a lot of hostels that will save you some dollars per day. But honestly, I don’t think it worth it. Especially in Europe, so just try to spend a little more and enjoy your time.



The average trip to Europe from the U.S cost around $650 USD roundtrip. Flights tend to be cheaper from major hubs (San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston.), the west coast is really more expensive than the East. 

If you’re flying from other parts of the world, it may be more or less than what the average flight from the USA cost. Also, the time that you flying and where you’re flying can make a huge difference in price.

Summer is always the most expensive time of the year, not just to Europe, but everywhere in the world. Because Summer considered a high season for travel. 

so avoid traveling in the summer, unless you don’t have a problem with spending more money. Just try to travel in normal seasons like March, November or maybe September, when flights are significantly cheaper than June, August, and the temperatures are still enjoyable on most of the continent. 

One of the most useful things to have when it comes to choosing the perfect time to travel. Is being fully flexible.

And also one thing you should know, that Flights price fluctuates frequently between the U.S and Europe. So the best way to find a good deal is by visiting few times a week or set a Price Alert on the app to get notified when the flight cost drops down.



Accommodation is a huge chunk of your budget when figuring out any trip to Europe cost. In the cheap countries, you’ll always be able to find a nice hotel with security and WiFi for just $40 per night. But in the more expensive countries, you’ll find very little hotels for under $150 per night.

If you backpacking through Europe, and you want to visit lots of countries. then hostels are your best choice for accommodation. You can find a good hostel for $15 to $20 a night. So if you go with the hostel, your accommodation cost will be much much cheaper, just $210 for your 2 weeks.

Mid-range Hotels:
Now, if you want to have more comfort, you should go to hotels. The average price of Mid-Range hotels in Europe is between $75 – $150. So your accommodation cost for 2 weeks will be $1,400 and that is just the average hotel.

Luxury Hotels:
Regardless of what city you’re visiting in Europe, you will always find some expensive luxury hotels. If you don’t mind spending some extra money, then go and take a room for about $200 – $300 a night. The accommodation cost will obviously skyrocket your spending It will be around $3,500 for 2 weeks.

Food and Drink


Foods price are some of the greatest variances on a trip to Europe’s cost. On average expect to spend between $5 – $10 per meal in the cheaper countries, and $15 – $30 in the more expensive countries. 

That works out to $45 per day for one person, so that will be around $630, in total and that’s a good price for food in Europe for 2 weeks. There is also some cheap streets fast food that will not even cost you $5 per meal. 

Every city and country in Europe will have some kind of local delicacy which I highly recommend you try one in each city you visit.



The first rule you need to do in every city you visit is going to the free things first. Because you may perhaps find some good museums and some art galleries that have no entrance fee. And after that, you can go and visit the expensive stuff like history museums, animal museums and a lot of other attractions.

You can also spend about $15 – $20 for walking tours with guides, to see new cities and learn a lot about them. Or you can simply walk around the neighborhoods and discover new things, and that doesn’t cost you anything. 

The total amount of money that you will spend in Europe for attraction is about $150 – $200. That’s not expensive at all if you compare it with the things that you will see and learn.



Europe is known for Its Budget Airline, and flights between countries can be found for mind-blowingly cheap. If you’re looking to travel from London, Paris or any major European cities, you can always find flights to at least 15 different countries for under $50 one way. 

You can also travel to Europe with Rail transport, which is considered as a cheap way to move between cities and countries. Or you can travel with sea and river transport, or with the Rapid transit which is the metro, and a lot of cities across Europe have it.

The transportation will cost you about $250 for the 2 weeks.

Other Spending

A lot of people forget to include shopping and buying souvenirs when planning their vacation budget. It’s silly to think that you’ll spend anything on random things because you obviously going to buy some souvenirs for your family for your friends. And also you will buy some souvenirs for yourself, to remember the places that you visited.

Some cities have better shopping malls than others. So you need to think about where do you want it by your stuff. Or you’ll end up buying some low-quality things.

Final Words

Europe contains a lot of beautiful countries that you should visit and have fun in them. So how much does 2 weeks to Europe cost? You know the answer now. It depends!

But a good estimate is about $3,230 USD.

And of course, you can spend less if you choose the cheapest choice to go for. Or you can spend way more than that and up to $10,000 USD in just 2 weeks. 

Just remember that the cost of Europe or any place you visit really depends on you.

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