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Welcome to the birthplace of democracy, Greece is one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in the entire world. There are so many beautiful places to discover, from the mainland to the island and gorgeous beaches. 

Greece is known for its old attractions that most history lovers want to explore, Plus the fantastic sunny blue beaches and luxury hostels, it is no wonder that Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations.

So, set back and relax as we show you the top 10 most incredible places in Greece, the country unlike any other on earth.

1. Athens​

Athens, greece

Inhabited for more than 3,000 years, Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world, it also known as the birthplace of democracy. 

If you like ancient historical ruins and urban city feeling, Athens is for you. Athens is a city with so much history that you feel like you’re going back in time whenever you walk around the old ruins. 

Going to the Acropolis is something that everyone should do while visiting Greece, Most people dedicate just one day to Athens, while some skip it altogether on the way to the islands, we say that’s a mistake. 

You should spend at least two days to get to know Athens, from the acropolis to the temple of Zeus to the bustling restaurant around Monastiraki square, there is something around every corner to discover.

2. Delphi​

Delphi greece

A two and a half-hour drive from Athens brings you to what the ancient world consider to be both the spiritual and physical center of the universe dating back to the 4th century BC, this ancient sanctuary was where the Oracle both lived and prophesized about the future helping to make the Delphi the most sacred sites in the ancient world. 

From the Archaeological Museum to the beautiful and historic ruins and status, the trip is well worth the drive.

3. Meteora​

Meteora greece

The word Meteora is literally translated into “suspended in the air”, alluding to the medieval monasteries perched on top of rock pillars in this strange and beautiful landscape.

Meteora is a home of 24 of these monasteries along with ample opportunities and taking the unique and natural surroundings through hiking and rock climbing. The hearty cuisine and local wineries also give many or a great deal of cred among 40 travelers.

The monks built these monasteries on top of these large formations to be closer to God, but also as a way to hide from attacking armies at the time. They’re said to have these retractable ladders and pulley systems that would only allow the monks to get to the top of these larger rock formations.

Today it’s a lot easier for people to visit, and it’s one of the best and famous photographer destinations in all Grees, thanks to its magnificent views.

4. Cape Sounion​

Cape Sounion greece

The temples of Sidon at Cape Sounion is built in 440 BC and dedication to the Greek god of the sea. The Temple of Poseidon is a marvel of the ancient world with some stunning views of the Aegean.

 Visit the amazing temple ruins, soaked in the Attic with an insolence best sunset, and wrap-up the evenings in one of the local fish tavernas for a real local experience.

5. Mani Peninsula​

Mani Peninsula greece

This is not a specific location, but more of an area and that is the beautiful Mani Peninsula. This is for people who love road trips and seeing the less-traveled areas.

While doing a road trip around Greece, one of the most beautiful and scenic drives is through the main Peninsula in the Peloponnese. You’ll find a variety of small fishing towns such as Lumina, with some amazing blue water as well as some old castle ruins in towns such as Athiya.

Driving around the money peninsula will really give you a more countryside feeling while traveling in Greece.

6. Rhodes

Rhodes greece

Rhodes is one of the largest of all the Greek islands, known for its medieval old towns, sprawling beaches, and ruins spanning thousands of years, Rhodes has much to hold you for several days. 

The old town of Rhodes is a charming labyrinth of cobblestone streets and structures billed by the Knights of st. John. A few other must-visit places are the acropolis of Lindos, the wine town of Ibanez, and the kite surfing beach of Brussels nisi on the southern tip of the island.

7. Santorini​

Santorini greece

One of Greece’s most visited destinations of all time, Santorini continues to shine as the crown jewel of Greece. It’s iconic blue and white houses, and dramatic cliffs make it visually stunning at every turn. 

Santorini is made up of small towns overlooking a semicircular Caldera, that was formed when a volcano erupted here in 1627 BC, both Fira and Oia has some of the best views over the caldera, as well as extraordinary restaurants and luxury hotels.

Santorini also has ancient ruins, wineries, and famous beaches. But experiencing Santorini by boat is the number one way to best appreciate its unique landscape.

8. Thessaloniki​

Thessaloniki greece

This city is considered as the second-largest city in all Greece. It is the capital city of the Macedonian region of northern Greece. Thessaloniki is one of the most visited cities in all Greece, thanks to its lively festivals, social events, and buzzing nightlife. 

This amazing city covered a variety of both old and new attractions from White Tower, Byzantine walls, and Turkish baths to colorful food markets, museums, and art galleries. If you want to have some of your best and fun nights while in Greece, the Thessaloniki nightclubs and festivals will make that very easy for you. 

9. Symi ​

Symi greece

An easy day trip from Rhodes, an hour by ferry boat will bring you to the tiny but beautiful islands of Symi. Just rent a scooter and cruise around Symi distort and natural sights from the colorful harbor through the fishing villages, and to the 15th-century monastery. 

Make your visit to Symi more enjoyable by stopping by one of the fish tavernas in the harbor to taste some of the freshest seafood you can get. What Symi lacks in size it makes up for in charm.

10. Kos​

Kos greece

Another fantastic place to visit its KOS, a Greek island of the Turkish coast. Kos is home to the Asclepeion one of the world’s first healing centers, as well as the ancient tree under which Epocrates taught his pupil. 

Hippocrates, as you may know, is the father and founder of modern medicine. KOS holds tons of other surprises for travelers such as wineries, unique beaches, Roman ruins, and traditional villages.

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