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If you need to make money FAST, survey sites are literally the fastest and easiest way to make money online. Surveys are an extremely fun and easy thing to do while watching your favorite game of thrown series, stuck in traffic or waiting for your kids to get out of school. 

There are dozens of survey companies recruiting new people from all around the globe to fill out surveys. All of them rely on active people like you to share opinions and give their thoughts about specific topics and offer money and rewards in return.

But be careful! Many of these companies aren’t legit and they never pay out. That’s why selecting the right paid survey site can make a big difference on how much money you will make, especially since you won’t qualify for every survey you see. You need to know that every survey company has a limited number of paid surveys per person each month.

So, to make real money with surveys you need to sing up to as many survey companies as possible. You will find more tips at the end of this post.

1. Inbox Dollars


Inbox Dollars pays you to read emails, play games online, complete tasks, searching the web, downloading coupons, and many other things. With a quick sing up the process and simple format you make some serious extra money for a few short surveys.  This high rated survey company give you a Free $5 bonus for just downloading and trying the app. 

Amount per survey: up to $5 per survey
Payment Method: Check, gift cards or prepaid Visa
Min. To Cash Out: $30
Sing up

This video will show you how Inbox Dollars works:

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

One of the legitimate ways to make extra money online while you’re in your lunch break, watching TV or waiting for the bus is with Survey Junkie. 

Survey Junkie is completely free, the company makes it very easy to sing up with Facebook, Google+ or any of your email address. Once you sing up, just complete your profile and you will earn some points right away. 

One of the best things about this survey company is that it’s hard to run out of surveys since they offer so many 24/24.

Amount per survey: $1 – $3
Payment Method: Gift cards or Paypal
Min. To Cash Out: $10
Sing Up

3. Swagbucks


Swagbucks are by far the largest and most trust wordy paid survey site of all time. They’ve so far paid over $600,000,000 in rewards to members all around the Globe, which motivates most people to sing up and start taking their surveys today. 

The company has a wide variety of ways to make money, not just by taking surveys, like playing online games, searching the web, taking offers, watch videos and more.

Most surveys take around 5-10 minutes to complete, so you can make about $5 an hour with Swagbucks. 

Amount per survey: $1 – $5
Payment Method: Gift cards or Paypal
Min. To Cash Out: $3 for gift cards and $25 for Paypal
Sing Up

4. MyPoints


Just like Inbox Dollars, Mypoints is a survey platform that allows you to earn money by doing some easy 10 minute surveys like watching videos, answering questions, taking polls and some times shopping.

The one things that this survey company has that most others don’t is that you earn some points even when you are not qualified for the survey, and also they offer a welcome bonus. 

The one downside about this company is that some offers will take you away from the Mypoints portal onto third-party sites, which is not that good for most users.

Amount per survey: $3
Payment Method: Gift cards 
Min. To Cash Out: $3 
Sing Up

5. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys 1

Branded Surveys which previously known as Mintvine is a very popular company with tons of survey enthusiasts due to providing a high volume of surveys. Most members make so much extra money using this powerful survey company. 

With Branded Surveys, you earn extra points for just referring your friends, family, where you get a percentage of everything they earn.

Amount per survey: $1 – $3
Payment Method: Gift cards, Paypal and Visa
Min. To Cash Out: $10
Sing Up

6. i-Say

I-say is one of the largest and legit survey companies in the entire world. Working with trusted and popular brands and research companies worldwide. So, rather than wasting time waiting for your turn in the Starbucks, go ahead and make easy extra money.

After you sing up, I-Say will start sending you surveys every week to answer by email. The Min. to cash out is low, so you can take your money by just doing less than 10 surveys.  

Amount per survey: $1 – $2
Payment Method: Gift cards
Min. To Cash Out: $10
Sing Up

7. Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Most survey websites use points that you can win and exchange it for real money or gift cards. Vindale Research is totally different, the site displays the compensation in cash, making it super easy to see exactly how much money you earn during your day.

Vindale Research will pay you from $0.50 to $5 depending on the length of the survey, demographic criteria and topic. Also, the company offers a $1 welcome bonus.

Amount per survey: $0.50 – $5
Payment Method: Paypal
Min. To Cash Out: $50
Sing Up

8. Survey Club

Survey Club is totally different than other survey sites you know. The company uses a middleman system, which means, while answering surveys in the survey club, the paid surveys are hosted elsewhere.

This actually means that you can make more money if you took the survey through the primary site, but the Survey Club will save you a lot of time by offering plenty of surveys rather then go out there and search for each one of them individually. 

Amount per survey: $0.50 – $5
Payment Method: Paypal, Giftcard
Min. To Cash Out: $20
Sing Up

9. Paid ViewPoint

Paid ViewPoint is another amazing survey company that you should join today. In fact, they are number one on the SurveyPolice website which is a trusted site that reviewing survey companies.

All the Paid ViewPoint surveys are easy and you can complete them in no time. When you rich the Min to cash out you get paid by gift cards like Amazon and Walmart or via Paypal.

Amount per survey: $1 – $3
Payment Method: Paypal, Giftcard
Min. To Cash Out: $15      
Sing Up

How To Make More Money With Survey Site

✔️ Sing Up To As Many As You Can

You need to sing up for numerous survey companies because you will not get approved to all of them, and even if they accept you, you won’t be qualified for all types of surveys, and they won’t necessarily have tasks for you to complete every single day.

Sometimes the surveys are targeted a certain age, gender, brackets or even income level, that’s why it’s always a good idea to join them all and maximize your earnings.

✔️ Sing Up With Different Emails.

Don’t use your main email and sing up to all the survey companies, that’s so wrong. Just create a separate email for every survey site you want to join. This way you can log in to your specific email and easily see the surveys offers to you without wasting time searching for surveys in your personal inbox.  

You also need to check your emails regularly as for some surveys open for a day or sometimes less.

✔️ Be Smart

We suggest that you only sing up for legit survey companies to not waste your time with no money back. There are many sites that are scam people all the time, simply they are not worth your time. But any of the above are legit and working 100%.

✔️ Be Honest

Just be honest in your survey answers, all these survey companies rely on honest answers to help them make their final stats. Sometimes you can even be penalized for contradicting yourself or giving inadequate responses.  And don’t try to fool the system by saying you are a wealthy businessman or woman to get more and more surveys. It won’t work!

✔️ Don’t pay to join

All the survey companies listed above are free to join, and you can really make some extra cash if you spend some few minutes a day. However, some scam survey site ask you to pay some small amount of money in order for you to become a member. DON’T EVER PAY TO JOIN.

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