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The real world of travel isn’t always glamorous, there are some serious risks and you must know that. Knowing how to take a stunning Instagram photo or a beautiful picture on a cliff to share it in your Snapchat stories will not help you when you lost your passport or waste your time searching for food. 

A few who are actually talks about this side of travel. All people just want to know what are the best places to visit and what to do. But all that without being careful, your trip may not last longe.

Safety is a key element to travel, perhaps the most key element. Before you can go and explore the world, there are a few travel safety tips that you must keep at the front of your mind. However, safety arguably varies from person to another, if you are a solo traveler, or traveling with kids, or you are over a certain age, and the list goes on. Therefore with these simple travel safety tips, you’re not only will get the best of your vacation but you’ll also stay safe and secure.

1. You Must Learn Common Travel Scams

I can guarantee you that wherever you go in the world wherever destinations you want to visit, you will always find certain people that are ready to trick you and take advantage of the situations of you knowing nothing about their country. For example broken taxi meters or ring scams in France, Paris, etc.

That’s why you have to be careful. And the best way to do that is search on google for the worst scams that happen at the destinations that you want to go. This way you’ll defend yourself from being tricked out of hundreds of dollars.

2. You Must Know Local Emergency Numbers

One of the important numbers that we must learn from a young age are emergency numbers (police, ambulance, etc), so why not do a little research on the country that you want to visit and right all their emergence numbers on a notepad on your phone.

Things happen right, you can slip and fall anywhere at any time, or you can get cut by something (i hope you don’t), so having that country’s emergency number memorized on your phone will help you call the ambulance or the police and get help fast. also wherever you are in the world all emergency centers in any country speaks English.

3. Do Your Restaurant Research Ahead Of Time

Look this is one of the important things anyone must do because you don’t want to walk with heavy legs and cramped feet after a long day of sightseeing just to find a good place to eat.

Instead of going through that misery, do yourself a favor and conduct a little basic resturant research before you wander around the city with an empty stomach. This will not help you find a good restaurant, but it will give you ideas about food prices and different meals.

4. It’s Okay To Ask Locals For Advice

If you want to know which neighborhoods are safe and which are not, it’s totally okay to ask local residents of the areas. I always ask locals, people, for help, wither it is about restaurant and food, or about hotels, or places to visit, and it always works out well for me.

That’s because most locals are friendly, and will guide you and answer all of your questions. However, if a stranger offers you help, it is a great idea to get a second opinion just in case they don’t really know what they’re talking about but simply want to help you.

5. Pack All The Important Stuff In Your Carry-On

This may seem not important but it is. You must put everything important in your carry-on, this includes all your technology, your passport, flight documents, money, credit cards and any prescribed medication, and valuables like your jewelry or gifts. However, you need to keep in mind that you protect your carry-on bag and make sure you don’t lose it, losing it means losing all of your important items so be really careful.

6. Don’t Wear Jewelry

Hear me out, wearing expensive jewelry in a county that you don’t know (even if it is you second or third time there) it’s not safe, you will only attract thieves and you will make yourself an obvious target for robbery. 

I’m not telling you, you can’t wear them at all but, think of it this way, you travel to explore the world and learn new cultures and have fun, and not shine and flix on others with your jewelry. Just leave it at home, and wear it only if you’re invited to a fancy place where there are some security or lots of friendly-looking people.

7. You Must Bring And Use Travel Locks

If you plan to stay in a hostel, you differently want to come prepared with your own lock. Even if you stay in hotel travel locks are important. having a travel lock that can secure your bag (that contains all of your clothes, Electronique, passport, and other valuable things) to your seat or chair while dining will make you more comfortable and not worrying all the time about your valuables.

8. Try To Keep A Digital Copy Of All Your Important Documents

This is super important in my opinion. when traveling your passport is the most important and valuable thing you carry in your bag. Things happen and you may Lose your bag or someone may steal it from you in the airport without noticing (airport thieves are everywhere) having a digital copy of your passport or other important documents will help make your process of getting a replacement easier.

9. Do Not Share Information With Strangers

This is extremely important no matter where or how you meet them, you have to keep certain information to yourself when traveling especially solo travelers. I’m not saying that all locals are bad, but there are some people that will take information from you just to robe you or scam you. 

for example, if you meet someone and he starts asking you some personal questions (like where you live, or where you’re staying), there is a high chance that he might be bad news or a thief. so always keep some information to yourself, and you must be the one who asks questions not answering them.

10.  Always Wear Your Backpack In Front In Crowded Places

This is very basic but super important. locals do this too not only visitors, in crowded places your backpack should be in front of you and not on your back, because all your valuables are in that back and you don’t want to enter a crowded street or market with all your goodies in you back

You must keep your stuff visible and withing reach, this way you’ll avoid getting robbed and left with an empty backpack. also don’t worry about looking like a nerd. it’s better to be safe than sorry.

 11. Always Double-Check

Being in a new country in a new city is so exciting and it’s easy to get distracted and leave something behind. So here is a great trick that I always do before I get from a restaurant or coffee shop, or leave the hotel room, I always double-check to see if I picked everything up from the coffee table or the hotel room (or any other place that you might go to). 

12.  Follow Your Instincts

Your gut instincts are usually always right and you should listen to it especially when you travel to a new city. If walking down that street doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, or if someone makes you uncomfortable there is mostly a reason behind it, you might not now that reason, but your instinct do.

Our subconscious often picks up on that we aren’t consciously aware of, that’s where our gut feelings come from. So always listen to those feelings because they will help you stay safe, as we said before “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. 

13. Always Go To The Bathroom If You Have The Opportunity

This is one of the things that I highly recommend you do when you travel. Always use the restroom when you have the opportunity. Public restrooms can help you do your business, but unfortunately, they are not everywhere especially if you’re visiting a third-world country (most of the third-world country has so much to offers for its visitors like Thailand, India, etc). So when you are in a cafe or restaurant or a mall, always use the bathroom, then continue your tour.

14.  Be Confidante And Don’t Look Like A Lost Tourist

Standing in the middle of the street with the camera hanging off your neck and your map out, and wondering where the hell am I, puts a big fat target on your big lost butt. 

Its always great to look less like a tourist if you can, and look like you’re confident in your surroundings. Because if you don’t you only will attract thieves and scammers that will play you and take you hard working cash.

15. Stay Sober Or Drink Responsibly

This is one of the greatest safety tips for all travelers. Most people when traveling likes to enjoy and explore the local nightlife while traveling, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But you must keep in mind that it’s so important to drink responsibly especially when you’re traveling.

I’m not telling you you can’t drink, but do it responsibly, because when you’re away from home you’re more likely to get lost or end up in a really dangerous neighborhood, and being drunk will definitely make you an easy target for scams, robbery, or even worse.

So the point here drink whenever you want but do it responsibly (i know I said that before, but it’s is super important) stay hydrated and fed, and make sure you don’t lose control of the situation.

 16. Do Not Plan Your Trip Too Much

When traveling one thing that you have to do is plan your trip, but you don’t want to plan it too much. I personally think that when it comes to traveling we want to make sure we organized and plan everything even the small details so we can feel fulfilled. But this is wrong.

The less you plan the more you can get off the beaten path and meet new people and then that’s when your trip gets interesting and more fun. So plan your trip wisely and don’t do it too much, just go with the flow, and I promise you everything will turn out great.

17. Do Not Stand Out

This is the kind of travel safety tip that many travelers don’t pay too much attention to. You must do your best to avoid standing out. Leave jewelry at home, don’t carry a huge amount of cash with you, and especially avoid flashy clothing, you can do a research on google to see what locals usually wear in the place you want to visit, because it’s important to respect and to avoid trouble especially if you head to a highly religious location that demands a certain dress code. You or any other traveler don’t want to offend anyone and get yourself in trouble, so do some research for your own safety.

18.  Be Nice

Try to be nice with everyone you meet whether at the airport, the hotel streets or in restaurants. Keep that beautiful smile of yours in your face all the time, and stay positive. Doing this will open all the doors for you and will make your trip much and much better.

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