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Are you looking for some Non-Alcoholic drink recipes for your party? Check out these amazing and delicious non-alcoholic drinks to make your party or the holidays more enjoyable! Perfect for family meetings, parties, Christmas, and all holidays.

17. Non-alcoholic Apple Cider Punch

I’m not sure about your Thanksgiving, but we have a kid’s table and an adult table. It’s a tradition because the kids like to socialize and catch up, while we like to keep our table a bit more grown-up. Even though it’s divided, I like to make some recipes that the kids can enjoy. This Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider Punch recipe is a delicious treat for the kids.


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16. Cranberry Apple Switchel

This festive Cranberry Apple Switchel is an easy and delicious ferment – perfect for keeping your body healthy during the holidays and throughout the year!


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15. Homemade Eggnog Recipe

This recipe is for family-friendly non-alcoholic eggnog. For an adults-only version, add some rum, bourbon, or cognac. Both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions are delicious.


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14. Holiday Sangria Punch Mocktail

Whew! What a busy week we’ve had here in the Hood household! The holidays are fun but boy are they exhausting! So I created this delicious Holiday Sangria Punch Mocktail for the whole family, kids included. to sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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13. Gingerbread Spiced Mocha Latte

Perfectly spiced, with a hint of chocolate, this Gingerbread Spiced Mocha Latte is a delicious and comforting drink. It’s great for a treat or something fancy to wake up to!


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12. The Best Instant Vanilla Chai Tea Mix In A Jar

Just try this amazing and yummy instant vanilla chai tea and you will make your day more enjoyable.


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11. Golden Milk, A Soothing And Easy-to-make Recipe

This golden milk is a healthy drink that’s perfect to warm the cold winter days. It can help you relax and to fight insomnia and that’s why you should add it to your Healthy Meal Planning or Batch Cooking.


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10. Holiday Cranberry Mocktail (Whole30)

This Holiday Cranberry Mocktail is perfect for your next Christmas or holiday celebration! It’s lightly sweet and bubbly and completely Whole30 compliant, made with simple ingredients like 100% cranberry juice, 100% apple juice, and seltzer (and no alcohol).


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9. Whole30 Kombucha Mocktail For Holidays

This Holiday Whole30 Kombucha Mocktail is a non-alcoholic, fruity, bubbly, and lightly sweet drink. It’s a great way to add some fun to your next party or get-together!


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8. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is a rich and sweet hot beverage that’s perfect for winter weather. Homemade caramel sauce is blended with chocolate chips and milk, then topped with homemade whipped cream.


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7. Honey Apple Mocktail

This honey apple mocktail is perfect to serve at Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday parties. It’s great for everyone on your guest list.


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6. Christmas Grinch Punch (Non-alcoholic)

This small-batch Grinch Punch recipe made with Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and lime sherbet is a perfect drink for the kids on Christmas.


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5. Ponche De Frutas – Holiday Hot Fruit Punch

This traditional hot fruit punch is served at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve in Guatemala, Mexico, and Latin America. For a celebratory ponche de frutas add a splash of dark or white rum


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4. Dairy-free Raw Eggnog Recipe

This yummy and high-fat dairy-free raw eggnog is one of them. It’s a great way to start your day whether it’s the holiday season or not!


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3. Sparkling Chai Christmas Punch (Non-alcoholic)

Sparkling Chai Christmas Punch is the perfect beverage for your next holiday party. Chai tea and ginger ale are blended with fruit juices to make a light and refreshing non-alcoholic punch.


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2. My Gin & Tonic Inspired Non Alcoholic Drink

This non-alcoholic gin and tonic tipple with homemade citrus and botanicals infusion is exactly what you need it. It’s low in sugar, crisp, thirst-quenching, and very grownup.


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1. Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is so creamy, rich, and decadent that you’ll keep wanting to make it all winter. It’s perfect for parties, and to serve a crowd!


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