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Are you looking for some delicious and easy weight watcher breakfast recipes? Here I listed 15 of the best weight watcher breakfast recipes just for you to choose the best one that will match your taste and needs.

15. Mexican Sheet Pan Eggs (With Tortilla Toast)

This amazing and weight watcher friendly mexican sheet pan eggs are one of the best breakfast recipes that you ever will eat.


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14. Better For You Egg White Breakfast Pizza & Simple Resolutions

I never thought I’d be able to say that so soon after making my New Year’s resolution. But this year, unlike others, I’m keeping my resolutions simple with one resolution; eat healthy. and this meals is super healthy for me as well as you.


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13. Ihop Pancake Recipe – Harvest Grain & Nut

One of the best parts of our summer road trips to the United States is getting stuff you can’t get in Canada like chocolate graham crackers, REAL cream soda and for many years, IHOP pancakes!


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12. Instant Pot Egg Bites — Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free

These Instant Pot egg bites are the simplest breakfast (or lunch, or snack) that you will ever make! They are also low carb, Keto, gluten free and very easy to make.


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11. The Best Low Carb Ham and Egg Cups

Are you looking for delicious, gluten free and low carb ham and egg cups? Here is the only recipe that you ever need to make yummy, healthy and easy to make low carb ham and egg cups!


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10. How To Make Pumpkin Banana Pancakes

You only need three ingredients and a few minutes to make these delicious Pumpkin Banana Pancakes. And guess what? These pancakes are healthy! Enjoy!


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9. Pumpkin Pancakes – Weight Watchers, Keto

Looking for a healthy keto pancake recipe? Need a keto breakfast that won’t set your diet off track? These delicious pumpkin spice pancakes are keto and paleo friendly. With 2 small changes, these pancakes are only 2 Weight Watcher points. 


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8. Weight Watchers Low-point Pancakes

One of the nice things about doing Weight Watchers is that there are so many ways to eat your favourite foods. The “point” system makes it simplistic for anyone to lose weight without becoming a total expert in nutrition or counting calories. And of course, without denying themselves of their favourite foods.


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7. Omelet with turmeric and vegetables

The perfect omelet loaded with the goodness of vegetables, turmeric, and cheese for a yummy and healthy keto breakfast!


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6. Mashed pumpkin

Mashed pumpkin, a side dish that is sweet, spicy and crunchy topped with coconut is a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.


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5. 2 Ingredient Pancakes

Looking for a new breakfast idea? Want a low calorie or gluten-free pancake idea? These 2 ingredient Weight Watcher pancakes are 0 Weight Watcher Points, are good for you AND taste good. 


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4. Strawberry Muffin In A Mug

I love strawberry muffins. A warm strawberry muffin is good for breakfast and for dessert. A strawberry muffin in a mug is great when you have a craving for a strawberry muffin.


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3. Breakfast Sweet Potato Hash

This sheet pan sweet potato hash is packed with nutrients and deliciousness! Perfect for meal prep to enjoy for a savory breakfast or as a side to accompany any meal.


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2. Cornmeal Porridge

This super creamy and delicious Jamaican cornmeal porridge makes a healthy and hearty breakfast. It’s warming, tasty and filling!


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1. Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata is a quick, easy, and protein-packed dish that comes together in just minutes. Suitable for Low Carb, Keto and Gluten-Free diets. The post includes Weight Watchers’ points.


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