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The rules at the airport don’t always make sense. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) maintains a very complex system of rules for transporting both carry on items and checked bags on the flight.

Some of the objects are prohibited on planes at all times, and some others can be checked and not carried. But what about your checked luggage? Can you pack anything inside of it? The answer is 


Packing the wrong items in your checked luggage can flip your whole trip upside down, especially if your bag gets lost, broken, or mistreated by the airport handlers who tend to always do some bad things to people’s luggage.

Some travelers just don’t know how important it is to organize their stuff before traveling. To put the normal stuff like clothes, shoes, in checked luggage. While packing the valuable stuff in the carry on bag. And they end up ruin their vacation with their own hands.

While certain things may seem pretty obvious to pack, there are plenty of not so obvious items that may lead to a horrible situation while traveling. Below you will find 14 things you should never pack in your checked luggage. Keep them in mind if you want to relax and enjoy your next trip.

1. Electronics: Laptop, Tablet, Camera


You should never but your electronics in your checked luggage. Take this advice from the TSA agency themselves, Electronics should be always packed in carry on bags because they are expensive and fragile.

Your laptop, your camera, phone, you should have those in your carry on bag. The biggest reason why you should not put them in the checked luggage. Because checked luggage get thrown around by the airport handlers. Take a 5 min in see that for yourself from outside the airplane. Your electronics could get damaged and break very easily. 

Also the electronics are the kind of things that people like to steal from your checked bag. So many travelers claimed that some of their electronic gears has been stolen while checking the luggage.  

A simple rule of thumb, always keep your electronic with you in your carry on bag no matter what happens.

2. Travel Documents

Travel Documents

Your passport, tickets, hotel reservation, basically all necessary documents should be kept with you in your carry on bag. Your checked bag can be lost at the airport, and if it does and you packed your hotel reservation, or your passport in it, than you will have some huge problem there.

If you have no chance but to keep some documents in your checked luggage, just make a copy of it and keep it with you. Do not pack the original document or any sensitive private information inside you checked luggage.

A lot of things you can keep online like emails, apps and more, but your travel documents you can’t. So make sure to keep those with you when you are flying in your carry on bag not on your checked luggage.

3. Prescription Medicine

Prescription Medicine

This is so important when it comes to your life, if you have any prescriptions, like a blood pressure, or some kind of allergic to something, or any kind of health issue. You never ever ever put those medication in your checked bag, like that old cliche say ‘better be safe than sorry’.

The reason why is because what will happen if that luggage gets lost and you have medicine that you have to take. You will then be without your medication and you can but your life in danger.  

Also, a certain medication that can make people some extra money, they are likely to be stolen if they are in your checked luggage. Son always put your medication with you in your carry on bag. And if you travel internationally pack them in their specific bag in case there are any questions.

4. Expensive Jewelry

Expensive Jewelry

Don’t you ever take your expensive jewelry with you when you want to travel. Just take the costume ones, this way if something happens to them, it’s not that big of a deal. Again stuff gets stolen at the airport even if you think you hidden it well.

There’s a lot of travelers story, where they have their grandma jewelry, or an expensive necklace they love, that they put it in the checked luggage and didn’t find it again. 

So remember to not take your jewelry with you, and if you want to do that, as always take them in your carry on bag. 

One important thing you should know, Many airlines companies take no accountability for lost valuables. And they but that in their travel policies, so why are you risking your expensive jewelry and blame the airport. So always bring your valuables with you in a carry on the bag such as a backpack, or small duffel bags.

5. House Keys And Car Keys

House Keys And Car Keys

No matter how much time you spend on your vacation, you eventually will come back to your home even if you don’t want to. And if your keys were lost while flying, or the TSA agent actually drops them on the floor and he forgets them there. Your keys are not giving back to you. So how you can drive back home from the airport? And how you will get into your house?

Always keep your car keys and your house keys with you in your carry on bag so when your flying you know where they are. 

When arriving at your destination and you start to explore places, you can move them to your suitcase, but when you flying always keep those keys with you.

6.All Of Your Clothes


Do not pack all of your clothing into your checked luggage. The reason I say this is because if your bag gets lost even for a day or two when you get to your destination you’re will be completely out of clothes.

And if you’ve been on a long flight, the first thing that you can think of when you enter your hotel room is to take a shower and put on a clean set of clothes. You won’t be able to do that if you don’t have any clothes. So pack some clothes for at least a day in your carry on bag, include a little bit of extra underwear and bras if you need to as well.

Believe me, if your bag gets lost you will be happy that you pack these few clothes. And of course, your airline that you traveled with will reimburse you for anything you will have to by up to a certain amount, but still, it would be nice to have your own stuff that you can wear.

7. Lighter And Flammable Items

Lighter And Flammable Items

Most of the airlines don’t allow you to carry a lighter and flammable items inside your checked bag. You can still pack lighter without fuel, but the ones with fuel are not allowed.

According to the TSA’s handy What Can I Bring list? Disposable and zippo lighters without fuel can be brought in carry-ons and up to two fueled lighters can be packed in checked suitcases if enclosed in Dot approved cases.

So if you are a smoker, you just need to wait until you arrive to you destination and then do your stuff.

8. Breakable Items

Breakable Items

Fragile and breakable items should always be packed with you in your carry on bag. Because if you packed a glass bottle in your checked luggage, it could break and cause some huge damage to your luggage interiors, and even your clothing.

The airport handlers also known by breaking stuff inside your luggage, because sometimes they try to avoid that extra work and just throw you bags through air. And of course there’s some type of luggage that they will be just fine even when they throw them. But the handlers don’t know what inside your bags, so don’t blame them for everything. 

If you finish your trip and you want to bring home that tasty bottle of wine you picked from your trip, use a protector product that will protect the contents of your luggage in case something breaks.

9. Foods And Drinks

Foods And Drinks

According to the TSA agency, travelers should avoid packing foods and beverages in checked luggage. They are not prohibited from storing food in checked luggage, but it’s a wise suggestion nevertheless.

If your bag get lost at the airport or delayed for a couple of hours, and you packed some food on it. The food might spoil, and the last thing you want is that spoiled food smell inside your luggage, it can ruin all of your clothes.

Glass bottles are also likely to break or crack while transit, that could ruin your luggage interior as well as your clothes.

One thing you should remember, if you travel internationally, you may be prohibited from bringing food to your destination. Each country has its own rules about what kinds of foods can be brought across the border. For more information Check the Embassy Website of the country you’re visiting.

10. Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

According to The FAAElectronic cigarettes, vaping devices. These gadgets are battery powered and have a warming component that disintegrates fluid (that could conceivably contain nicotine). These devices are prohibited in checked baggage and may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person bag).

Things like vaporizers and electronic nicotine systems need to be kept with you inside your carry on bag, or in your jeans, or jacket pockets.

11. Irreplaceable Items

Irreplaceable Items

If it’s irreplaceable, do not check it, in fact do not take it with in the first place, unless you really want to. You need to know that your checked luggage goes from four principal point in the airport. So basically you’re irreplaceable item could easily break before you even reach your destination. 

just leave the expensive necklaces at home and leave the irreplaceable one-of-a-kind timepiece in the vault. Or if you really want to show off then pack them inside your carry on bag for them to be more secure and safe.

12. Films


You traveled and took those amazing pictures and made some good high quality film with your 4K camera, so why ruin them by packing them inside your checked luggage.

The X-ray machine that the TSA uses to screen checked bags can damage your film and photos.

Instead of putting your film in the checked luggage, just pack them in your carry on bag, and ask the TSA agent at the security checkpoint to inspect your film by hand.

The TSA agency suggests that travelers pack film in clear canisters or clear plastic bags to expedit the inspection process, but this isn’t required.

13. Chargers


You always need to pack your chargerges in you carry on bag, again if your luggage gets delayed or even lost for a couple of days, your electronics will be safe and up and running.

Some countries when you go through their security, they make sure that your electronics are able to turn on. So if anything is dead like your cell phone or your laptop you could run into some trouble.

remember to keep all of your chargers in your carry on bag, even if it will get a little heavy, but a working phone or laptop better than dead ones. 

14. Lithium Batteries

If you’ve noticed the recent uptick in cases of lithium batteries exploding mid-flight, then you probably won’t be shocked to learn that these aren’t allowed in checked baggage. You can still bring lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries so long as it’s in your carry on bag.

If your checked bag happens to feature a built-in charging port, as some bags do these days, the charger must be removed before checking your bag.

Final Words

The TSA has a full complete list for the allowed and not allowed items on their website. Some of the objects on the list are as obscure as they are obvious: gun powder, hand grenades, tear gas, vehicle airbags (packed to protect a checked laptop, perhaps?). But items like golf club you will never think that they are prohibited in checked luggage.

Sometimes people be in such a rush, and they end up packing some stuff that they are not allowed in checked bags, and they don’t even ask the security checkpoint to determine whether or not something are allowed to pack inside the checked luggage or carry on bags. And they end up leaving them in the airport.

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