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The goal of many travelers who want to travel to Spain is to see the nation’s significant destinations and cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada and more. But for other travelers, Spain’s breathtaking beaches are the primary vacation goal. 

Spain is the home of more than 5,000 miles of coastline, the country is blessed with an endless array of magnificent beaches for all types of tourist.

With many beach choices you have, it’s not guaranteed that the most popular beach in Spain will be your favorite one. That’s why it’s very important to find the one that you will love and turn your summer vacation from “Great” to “unforgettable”. 

From La Concha Beach to the Nerja, Costa del Sol in Andalusia, These destinations will help you have an unforgettable summer vacation in Spain.

1. La Concha Beach, San Sebastián

La Concha Beach San Sebastián

With a reputation of being one of Europe’s most beautiful city beaches, Playa De La Concha is definitely one of the most popular beaches in Europe as well. The beach has a length of 1350 meters, and an average width of 40 meters, it’s incredibly spacious. 

Situated in the north-east corner of Spain, close to the western end of the French border, San Sebastián is a chic waterfront city with great pintxos, and probably the most delightful beaches you’ll ever discover in a city.

During the summer months, the beach can be very crowded with locals and visitors from all around the world, however, it’s still possible to find some small square of sea to swim peacefully with your family and children. You can also enjoy the beautiful beach promenade. 

2. Playa del Silencio, Asturias

Playa del Silencio Asturias

Most beaches in the rugged region of Asturias are known to be the best in northern Spain, and of those stunning spots, Playa del Silencio is considered as the best from the best. 

You should know that in Asturias the sunshine is not as certain as it is in other places in Spain. Asturias is a very popular destination for younger travelers, and its significant urban areas, for example, Gijón have plenty to offer as far as parties, shows, and other special events. 

The gold sand and the water are amazing, You will have the best adventure in your summer vacation on this beautiful beach.

3. Playa de la Victoria, Cádiz

Playa de la Victoria Cádiz

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Playa de la Victoria is the most well known urban beach in the Andalusian city of Cádiz. 

It is strategically located in the modern part of the city, around a 15-minute walk from the historic center. This spacious, golden sand beach is famous for families with their children, despite the fact that the breakers have been known to get very harsh in these parts.

Also, the amazing beach boardwalk that is almost two miles long is home to a seemingly infinite number of beach bars, as well as countless wine and cocktail bars that stay busy until the early hours.

4. Es Trenc, Mallorca

Es Trenc Mallorca

As most people know, Mallorca is home to some of Spain’s most striking natural landscapes, including the most beautiful and popular beach Es Trenc. 

Despite the fact that many of Spain’s beaches are part of large resort complexes, the Es Trenc remains solitary and it is relatively isolated.

The amazing golden sands and clean water are one of the best factors that make this beach one of the most visited beaches in Spain and all of Europe. Plus the calm and tranquil water makes this a popular beach for families with babies and small children.

The Spanish beachgoers offer some beach seats, umbrellas, lifeguards and washrooms for this beautiful beach.

5. Playa De Ses illetes, Formentera

Playa De Ses illetes Formentera

Every summer, thousands of wonderful people of Europe visit the small tiny Balearic island of Formentera to luxuriate on its diamond water and frolic on its white powder-sand beaches backed by dunes and pine trees. 

Due to its structure and turquoise waters, the Playa De Ses iIIetes is known as the ‘Caribbean in the European continent’. 

This beach is only accessible by ferry or a private boat, however, the boats are not that expensive compared to what you will see. Restaurants and bars are all lined across the beach if you want to have more fun and enjoy your vacation even more.

6. Playa De Alcudia, Mallorca

Playa De Alcudia Mallorca

If you want to be as close as possible to the beach in your summer vacation in Spain, then Playa De Alcudia is the place to go. 

Playa De Alcudia is one of the few places in Spain that features some of the best beach resorts lying close to the shores. The beach has more than 7 kilometers of sand, also considered as the largest beach in Balearic, and the most commercial one where you can find everything from resorts to bards.

7. Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalusia

Nerja Costa del Sol Andalusia

Costa Del Sol or known as the most expensive (occasionally overpriced) region in all Spain, has one of the best beaches in the country. Thousands of tourists visited this amazing city throughout the year, and especially in the summer season.

The Nerja is basically a beautiful white village with pretty houses and nice beaches, which is the best thing that most tourists want. Although as We mentioned before, it’s a little bit expensive for very budget families. But overall you’ll find a much more relaxed atmosphere and higher quality beaches. 

On the other hand, you can even go a little further out and you’ll find yourself in Motril, and other beautiful places in Granada.

8. Ses Salines, Ibiza

Ses Salines Ibiza

Ibiza is by far the best and most visited island in Spain during the summer months. Combining between nightlife and beautiful beaches, Ibiza is the best destination for all young travelers in Spain.

The island attracts a unique mix of top DJs in the world, with some fashionable and modern beach bars and clubs like Malibu Beach Club.

Ibiza is also known for its amazing beaches in all of Europe, the best and most popular one is Ses Salines, with its crystal-clear water and golden sand. The island is easy to reach and it’s not that expensive compared to other famous places in Spain.

9. Cala Agulla, Mallorca

Cala Agulla Mallorca

Cala Agulla is considered as one of the best and clean beaches in Spain for the last couple of years. Located in Balearic Island of Mallorca, this beach has a beautiful and soft golden sand that runs about 500 meters long. It’s the largest tip in the eastern tip of the island. 

Beautiful views with the lush green trees and mountains in the backdrop allow you to take some amazing pics that will make your friend and family jealous. This beach is a perfect place to enjoy the tropical weather along with loads of water sports as well.

10. Cala Macarella + Cala Macarelleta, Menorca

Cala Macarella Cala Macarelleta Menorca

Less developed and less known than Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca has its own unique type of visitors. The island is less known for its nightlife and more for its mystery bays, gleaming waters, and great climbing.

There are plenty of beautiful small beaches on this island, but the popular ones are Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta. Both beaches are on the southwest coast of the island which gives you more options to visit them both at one time. 

These places are like the dreams for all Instagrammers out there, with their incredible clear water, shallow, and glimmering rock pools. The beaches can only be reached on foot, the closest park is far for like a 20-22min walk.

11. Gandia, Costa Blanca, Valencia

Gandia Costa Blanca Valencia

Valencia’s Costa Blanca is basically a group of small towns with lovely beaches. There are some small towns like Benidorm and other big ones like Denia which are considered as the largest ones.

Gandia is one of the best beaches in Valencia, also it’s popular with more local Spain visitors then tourists. So if you’re searching for a beautiful place with original culture, there you have it.

Since this place is more local, you can find some affordable and unique hostels and restaurants that serve some traditional Spain foods.

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11 Most Amazing Beaches In Spain

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