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Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the entire world, and it’s no wonder. If you are really planning to travel there, just be prepared to fall in love with this amazing country. 

Everything in Italy is unique, different, and has its own experience, from food and wine, to beautiful landmarks and architecture, this country offers something for everyone. 

Italy has so many big bucket list items, and amazing places to explore with a lot of history and culture, it would take months to see all of them. However, most people have just a few days or weeks to explore this beautiful country. That’s why we created a list of the top 11 places you can’t miss in Italy, to make the most of your vacation. 

1. Rome

Rome, italy

The famous European city, Rome. No city has stood the test of time like the Eternal City Rome, over 2500 years since its founding. As the seat of the Roman empire, it’s the epicenter of western civilization where indeed all roads lead back to Rome.

From palatine hill to the colosseum and Roman forums. While in Rome do as the roman do, and Romans enjoy nothing more than delicious food and wine by visiting Rome’s Calais pizzerias, trattoria, and gelateria.

The best thing you can do to explore this amazing city is by leaving your car behind and going on foot. Before leaving don’t forget to toss a coin into the Trevi fountains for the good fortune of returning one day.

2. Venice

Venice, italy

The second most popular city in Italy, and one of the most visited cities in Europe. Venice, the unique city. Built over mud banks with marble and stones, Venetian audaciousness persists even as high tides flood today streets periodically.

There’s tons of amazing places and architecture around Venice that you need to explore and visit while still time. Unfortunately, the city is slowly sinking into the lagoon, and it’s changing each and every year, so it’s better to go and see it now and experience the joy of Venice before it’s too late.  

3. Florence

Florence, italy

Welcome to the city of Dante, and Michelangelo, and where Leonardo da Vinci learned out how to paint. Florence is a giant art museum that drives history lovers, and everyone who loves exploring old beautiful cities. 

As the cradle of the Renaissance, students of classical history, art, and architecture are required to visit Florence. Indeed a pilgrimage to the tombs of Italy’s Renaissance fathers, writers and scientists Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli are all magnificently entombed in the basilica of Santa Croce.  

The city has plenty of things to offer, but the one thing that you shouldn’t miss while in Florence is climbing the tall structure to the brilliant competitors of the city.

4. Amalfi Coast 

Amalfi Coast, italy

Considered Italy’s most scenic coastline. The Amalfi Coast Mediterranean landscapes of winding roads and rolling mountains seduce vacationers, especially for those who choose and love road trips. 

With its sparkling seas, turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that this amazing place is Unesco heritage hotspot getaway. 

Amalfi is the largest fishing on the Island Peninsula, making it a major tourist destination for everyone who loves fishing trips. You can also enjoy the local tasty sardines, restaurants, and other delicious drinks.  

5. Lake Como

Lake Como, italy

One of Italy’s most beautiful lakes and romantic spots of all time. Lake Como is a rich destination full of beautiful places, mountains, local shops, and clear water. Rather than visiting the crowded cities of Italy, Take a peaceful vacation and quiet time in this amazing town. 

There are so many things to do in Lake Como like exploring the town of Varenna, visiting classy Bellagio, riding Funicolare Como-brunate for some unforgettable views of Lake Como, and more.

6. Pisa 

Pisa, italy

If you’re traveling from Florence to Cinque Terre, you should stop by and give Pisa a visit. The roman empire is known around the world for its architectural marbles. The leaning tower of Pisa is Italy’s greatest and most famous building of all Europe, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Pisa every year, and the numbers are always going up each year.   

Pisa economic exploits financed Magnificent dome churches, palaces, buildings, and bridges. Meanwhile, the prestigious University of Pisa and it’s highly competitive research institutes briefs useful life into the bars and cafe scenes.

7. Milan

Milan, italy

Milan is known for its two timeless trades, Fashion and Exchange. It’s considered to be the fashion capital of the world, as well as Italy’s financial dynamo and industry powerhouse.    

Nearly destroyed from heavy bombing during World War 2, Milan becomes one of the most European destinations of all time. Home to the duomo, world’s class Museum. There are plenty of things waiting for you in Milan. Especially if you’re a fashion lover.

8. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, italy

Literally called the five islands, Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s scenic spots. It is composed of five major small fishing villages across an incredibly rugged landscape of the Italian riviera. 

Cinque Terre has some of the country’s most amazing and beautiful landscapes that incorporate steep cliff sides and wine terraces going back to several years.

The road and hiking paths offer some beautiful coastal views that allow you to have those unforgettable photos. The Blue Trail that is connecting all the five villages, will help you go wherever you like and explore all five villages with no transportation problems, and it is suitable for all ages.

Tips: The Cinque Terre has a capacity limit, the villages grew so fast over the last years, that they actually limit the number of tourists that can actually visit them. So if you’re planning on visiting Cinque Terre, it’s better to go in the off-season to have more flexibility.

9. Sicily 

Sicily, italy

Known as the eternal meeting point between east and west, this southern Mediterranean island offers diverse panoramic landscapes.    

As a pillar of Mediterranean life, ancient civilizations like the Romans and the Normans have all come in gone, leaving behind wonderful buildings and monuments for tourists and visitors to enjoy.    

From one of Europe’s tallest active volcano Mount Etna to surrounding brilliant blue and sunny seas and dozens of archipelagos, it’s actually easy to forget that Sicily is a part of Europe and not a distant tropical island.

10. Verona

Verona, italy

Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and One of the most famous and most visited cities in all of Italy. This historical city has some of the oldest architecture in the world, like the Roman amphitheater with over 2000 years old.

The theater is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there. What an amazing thing to be in a building that old!

11. Naples

Naples, italy

In southern coastal Italy, the sun shines favorably on none other than the city of the sun. Naples is the third-largest city in Italy, and is no cold-hearted metropolis. Fostered by surroundings landscapes and inviting blue seas it radiates laid-back Mediterranean vibes, where locals bask in its bounty, fresh seafood, street food, ice cream, pizza and more.  

There’s plenty of things to do and see in Naples, from The beautiful colored buildings that are filled with life, noises, to narrow streets. And for history lovers and architecture, you’ll find some of Italy’s greatest artifacts like the battle of Alexander Mosaic.

Many Italians popular foods have been discovered from Naples like Pizza, Spaghetti, and parmigiana, now you know where pizza comes from.

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11 Beautiful Places You Can’t Miss In Italy

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